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This Better Home

DIY projects, tool reviews, & much more.

Need help improving your home? From DIY projects to home product reviews, Ryan is here to help. 

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Helping you with DIY projects on a budget.

Hi, I'm Ryan! I've been DIY improving homes for nearly 15 years, and I've learned a thing or two. I started This Better Home to help homeowners save money & time on their DIY projects.

Hot home buys.

Need tool reviews or home product recommendations? From sanders to firepits, check out Ryan's top picks - each vetted for quality & price. 

*Commission may be earned at no extra cost to you.

Hardware Tools
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Turn your hobby or skill into income

Make your own YouTube channel!

If you have hobbies or skills and are curious about making money on YouTube like we are doing, check out our FREE online course. You can learn practical concepts & strategies to quickly develop & monetize a YouTube channel - and you don't need any or much money to get started.

Quick Links

DIY Projects

Get home improvement ideas, tips, and step-by-step instructions to make your place a better space.

Tool & Home Product Recommendations

Lots of junk tools and home products on the market. Here's my vetted list - each with high reviews for a decent price. 

Turn Your Hobbies into Cash

If you have hobbies, skills, or knowledge, I'll teach you how to turn them into cash by making your own YouTube channel - just like I did.

Home Renovation


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